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    Barmen Wall Clock

    The barman is not a specialty, put on the flow in educational institutions – it is a fine art, which is not fully taught in full. Everything is important here – experience, intuition, skill, manners and the ability to be a thin psychologist. Unlike other professions, barmen do not rest on their day. Often, in the bars and clubs on this day, they arrange theme parties, tastings, where the bartenders themselves compete.

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    Om Wood Wall Clock

    Om is a common mantra used in yoga and meditation. Are you know about the origin, use and meaning of om? Click and buy this amazing clock!

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    Yoga Vinyl Clock

    Yoga is not a religion, it is a complex of philosophy and physical harmonizing exercises that help in physical and spiritual development. Science has proved that yoga can improve mood and reduce anxiety. Yoga classes will improve the concentration of your attention and develop the mind…

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    Maine Wall Clock

    In Maine there are no big cities, no skyscraper, but there are vast pine forests and three thousand small islands on the Atlantic coast. Lobster is the main symbol of the state, it is mined here in huge quantities, and tourists who come here on vacation all day eat lobster. Click and order!

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    Origami Vinyl Clock

    Knowledge of techniques of origami was a sign of education and good manners. Notes drawn up in the form of a butterfly, a flower or a crane was a symbol of friendship and love. It expressed something that sometimes would not say with the words. Many families used origami as an emblem.

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    Police Wall Clock

    Each US state has its own police department. As a rule, they are independent. Each police department has its own structure. When a person comes to work in the police, he gets the title “detective” or “officer”, who are ranked as the youngest. Click and buy this clock for your friend or police department!

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    Chicago Wall Clock

    Here for the first time appeared a vacuum cleaner, a zip fastener and soap operas. The longest continuous street in the world is located in Chicago. And here was built the world’s first skyscraper. Find out more about this magnificent American city and buy this clock!

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    Philadelphia Wall Clock

    Philadelphia is a city in the US, located in the east of the country. It is America’s largest economic, political and tourist center. Philadelphia is a popular city for travelers from all over the world. There are many monuments that remind us of the most significant events in American history.

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    Phoenix Wall Clock

    In the south of the United States, not far from Mexico, in the central part of the Sonora desert is Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. The unofficial name of Phoenix is the Valley of the Sun. It is one of the fastest growing cities, large industrial, transport and tourist center. It is one of the five largest and most populated cities in the United States. Five times it received the title of the best cities in America. If you like it, click and order!