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    Maine Wall Clock

    In Maine there are no big cities, no skyscraper, but there are vast pine forests and three thousand small islands on the Atlantic coast. Lobster is the main symbol of the state, it is mined here in huge quantities, and tourists who come here on vacation all day eat lobster. Click and order!

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    Chicago Wall Clock

    Here for the first time appeared a vacuum cleaner, a zip fastener and soap operas. The longest continuous street in the world is located in Chicago. And here was built the world’s first skyscraper. Find out more about this magnificent American city and buy this clock!

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    Philadelphia Wall Clock

    Philadelphia is a city in the US, located in the east of the country. It is America’s largest economic, political and tourist center. Philadelphia is a popular city for travelers from all over the world. There are many monuments that remind us of the most significant events in American history.

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    Phoenix Wall Clock

    In the south of the United States, not far from Mexico, in the central part of the Sonora desert is Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. The unofficial name of Phoenix is the Valley of the Sun. It is one of the fastest growing cities, large industrial, transport and tourist center. It is one of the five largest and most populated cities in the United States. Five times it received the title of the best cities in America. If you like it, click and order!

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    Dallas Wall Clock

    The United States of America is a country of cowboys and Indians, businessmen and politicians. It always attracts us with its famous American smile and a high level of development. Dallas is one of those American cities that you need to visit while traveling in the US. The main advantage of Dallas is truly a river Trinity. On the waterfront there are cozy cafes and restaurants, entertainment centers and a park area. This is a great place for recreation and entertainment for locals and visitors.

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    Hollywood Vinyl Clock

    Hollywood is associated with the American film industry, as there are many film studios and there are many well-known film actors. First Star, founded on the “Walk of Fame” February 9, 1960 belongs to Joanne Woodward. “Stars” are awarded for the contribution to the development of the film industry (emblem of the cinema), sound recording (phonograph emblem), theater development (emblem of theatrical mask), television (television emblem) and radio (the emblem of the radio microphone). A total amount of stars at the “Walk of Fame” are 2600. If you want to have a star from Hollywood click and order!

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    USA Wall Clock

    The USA is the country of opportunities and new possibilities. Hurry up to buy this perfect design clock and to make a pleasant surprise to your friends.

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    Dublin Wall Clock

    Dublin is an Irish capital, an ancient city. Its rich history attracts a lot of tourists, though because of the harsh climate of architectural monuments in Dublin, not much remained as it could. In addition, Dublin is a very convenient transit point for tourists looking to explore other areas of Ireland. And what do you think of this vibrant city? Express that with this cool vinyl clock.

  • Fire Dept Wall Clock
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    Rome Wall Clock

    The city of Rome, with its centuries-old history, undoubtedly has a lot of interesting facts. Interestingly, Rome – the only city on the planet, on whose territory there is another independent state. Of course, we are talking about the Vatican – the smallest state in the world. And what do you think of this vibrant city? Express that with this cool vinyl clock.